Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puppies - Puppies - Puppies

Last Friday night we had a tremendously successful puppy adoption.  THIRTEEN puppies found homes!  It was a memorable evening.  There were 9 fluffy puppies and 2 lab mixes that were adopted within the first 60 minutes!  People were waiting for me when I arrived at the Petco.  I only wish we had that amount of excitement about our more mature dogs.

At this very minute I have a 7 year old Basset hound, a 5 year old Beagle, a 5 year old pit mix, a 13 year old terrier  and a 2 year old terrier/beagle mix surrounding my computer chair.  I have a ask one of them to move before I can get up! 

The Bassett hound is Duke.  Some of you may remember him from last year.  He was a stray found by a wonderful lady who took care of all his medical expenses, including the expensive heartworm treatment.  He stayed with me during his recovery time and was then adopted.  Unfortunately new his owner's job changed and he no longer had the time to spend with Duke.  He called to ask if he could return him even though it had been almost a year.  I am so happy he called us rather than try to find Duke another home.  We will make sure Duke's new home will be the right place for him.  If we don't find a good fit, then Duke will stay here.

Jasmine will be another sanctuary dog.  She is one of 5 dogs that were abandoned in a vacant house. We were able to find homes or other rescues for all of the other dogs, but Jasmine is a special case. "Jazzy" puts on this "pit bull" bark, but doesn't bite. (She has very few teeth left!) She can be a bit intimidating, but all she wants is a treat.  I think she learned to act tough so she would get a treat.  When new people come to the house, Jasmine meets them at the door with her bark.  A treat makes her wag her tail and if you walk off without giving her another treat she barks again.  She will play this game until you run out of treats.  Once you say you don't have any more she wanders off to her bed!   You may notice the lack of hair and pink color of her hind quarters.  We don't know what caused her skin irritation, but it is much better.  We have her on a special diet and anti inflammatory meds when needed.  Because her front teeth are completely worn down (the same goes for Duke) the vet said she has suffered with allergies a long time.  The state of her teeth shows that she has been biting at her skin for years.

HUCK IS BACK!!!  This sweet little pit mix was adopted two weeks ago.  The family found a nicer home to rent, but it doesn't have a fenced yard so they had to give up the pup.  He looks great.  While he was with them he was well treated and definitely well fed!  Our sweet little puppy now weighs 18 pounds!  He is absolutely the most handsome puppy I've seen in a long time. 

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  1. If anyone adopted one of the fluffy puppies please let me know. I did and I would like to have contact with one or some of his brothers and sisters. My email is I would love to see some pictures.