Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paws for a Cause Adoption Event

We were happy to participate in the very first Paws for a Cause Adoption event in Hammond, LA. The 1 mile and 5K events for humans and their canine companions went off without a hitch.  Tater Tot Big Dog Rescue put together this event to honor Pets for Vets.  Many thanks to them for their hard work.  The location was perfect, the K-9 demonstration got everyone's attention and the jambalaya was TERRIFIC!!!  Good food, great dogs, fun folks, and glorious weather - what more could we ask for!
It was also good to see some of the people we see at the Tractor Supply Store Adoption Events we hold monthly.  We made some new friends and certainly appreciate the donations towards our dog food account!  We currently use over 250 lbs of food a month.

All during the day I was a bit anxious to get away and help find one of our dogs that ran away from its new home.  Our little Tiny, went to her new home on Friday and within hours bolted off the deck!  I guess she just didn't realize she was going to have a wonderful new mom.  The couple followed her trying to get her to stop long enough so they could pick her up, but she would have nothing to do with them.  They followed her to the edge of some woods.  By then it was dark so they left and returned early this morning.  Tiny was still there, but she would not let them get close.  They even tried a live trap to see if they could catch her.  So, as soon as the event was over, I hurried 40 miles away to see if she would come to me.  The couple showed me where she was hiding.  That dog crossed a very busy road!  My heart was heavy thinking I might I have to leave her there if she would not come to me before dark.  But, I made one pass calling for her and she came out of hiding and into my arms!   It was obvious that she wanted to come back to the farm.  The couple just couldn't keep her knowing she was so unhappy so they donated the adoption fee and asked me to take her back.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Time means Garden Time!

Warm spring weather on any small farm / homestead involves lots of work. In addition to all the daily kennel stuff, we have a busy schedule. This past week we planted the garden, twelve 40' rows!, reworked the raised bed gardens, added duck eggs to the incubator, planted pampas grass along the drive, and started getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff around the barn and tractor shed.  The days are long because I want to get things done before it gets too hot.  While I hate the cold weather of  winter, the heat of a Louisiana summer drains my energy.  So, as long as it stays in the 80's I can work all day.  Soon the schedule will be 6 to 11 am work, 11 to 6 HIBERNATE in the A/C, 6 to 8 work outside again.

Precious, our blind puppy, loves the garden!  She just runs and runs in the wide open spaces.  Sometimes she tumbles over a row, but for the most part, she just loves to run along the edge of the garden in the grassy areas. She can't see the wire fence, so I have to alert her when she gets too close.  I am trying to teach her that the command "Careful" means you are about to bump into something.  I also have to teach her that my finger isn't a chew toy.  Tonight we were playing with a toy and unfortunately she drew blood when she chomped down on my index finger!  It was just normal puppy behavior, but it really hurt! 

Unfortunately the mosquitoes are really really bad this year.  I have been fogging the dog yard at dark to help keep the mosquitoes away but it is a losing battle.  The dogs really need to be sprayed with repellent, but some of them just freak out when I get the spray bottle.  I just wish they would understand that I am trying to help them!  Just a reminder to all those folks who think their inside dogs don't need heartworm protection - it only takes the bite of ONE infected mosquito to give your dog heartworms.  Protect your dog by giving it preventative meds monthly.    A recent conversation with my vet alerted me to a potential problem.  There seems to be some parasite resistance to Heartguard.  In years past, you could be a week or two late with dispensing Heartguard and it wasn't a problem.  However, there is some new data that indicates we should be on schedule every month.  Please mark your calendars and remember to give it to your dogs on time!  If you can't remember, then go for the new shot that gives protection for 6 months.  Not all dogs qualify  - old dogs or very young dogs should not get the shot.  Show your love by protecting them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Precious and Tiny - Making Friends

Wow, this seems to be the month for small dogs.  In a short 3 weeks, we have taken in two female puppies (mystery mixes), one long hair chihuahua, one short hair chihuahua, and the blind Pom  puppy.  The long hair fellow was a stray, but fortunately by posting on craigslist and signs throughout the neighborhood we found his owner.  The little female chi was abandoned on a rural road in Killian.  My mail lady had noticed her sitting in the edge of the woods for a few days.  She was finally able to catch her.  Poor little Tiny was so scared.  But she has warmed up to us and is now ready for her forever home.  We put a bell on Tiny's collar to alert Precious that another dog was nearby.  Well, poor Tiny thought it was a terrible idea and would not move.  Every time the bell would tinkle she would yelp and freeze.  No more bells for Tiny.

The puppies, Amber and Pumpkin, are much healthier now and are ready for their forever home. Pumpkin is the mellow one!  Both of these little girls will be medium sized dogs.  

Please help us find forever homes for these young dogs and puppies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blind Puppy Tossed from Truck

Yesterday I received a frantic call from my friend.  She lives on a busy rural highway.She was outside and witnessed this horrific event.  A small black truck slowed down and tossed the puppy in the ditch.  My friend ran to rescue the dog to keep it from wandering into the road.  In just a few minutes she could tell the puppy had a problem.  I called my vet to alert her that I was bringing in the puppy as soon as possible.  In less than an hour, we had the puppy assessed, treatment started, and basic vaccines.   The puppy suffers from glaucoma and is malnourished.  She will need eye drops and pills for a few months to see if we can get the eye pressure down in her left eye.  The right eye had normal pressure, but no vision.  We suspect the left eye allows her to see shadows but nothing more.  In time she may even lose that ability.   She will require regular checkups and meds for the remainder of her life.

As a special needs dog, Precious, will need very close supervision.  She has no sense of height!  She will try to jump off the sofa, but since she cannot see where to land, she could seriously injure herself.  Her eye sight may be impaired, but not her spirit!  She is loving and full of puppy energy. 

The cruel man in the truck didn't think much of this little 3 pound dog, but WE do.  We named her Precious because she is precious to us.  Every dog here is VERY PRECIOUS to us.  Precious will not be put up for adoption.  We are going to keep her and make sure she has a safe secure and forever home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Friday will be a busy day.  Lots of dogs getting baths, wire kennels cleaned, canopy loaded, adoption contracts and name cards ready, cleaning supplies, chairs, water, and the list goes on and on.......  It takes two trucks full of stuff !

We have several great dogs for all to see.

Daisey, a pure bred Bloodhound, 4 yrs old.
Boudreaux, a pure bred Walker Hound, just under a year old
Dixie, a terrier mix, 18 months
Lucky, a Lab mix, 1 yr.
Hershey, a Cataloula, 2 - 3 yrs. old
Tish, a mystery mix, 1 year old.

Call all your friends, let them know we have some great dogs to add to their family!

We also have two puppies that we need foster homes.  If you are interested in fostering a cute little puppy, then come by and see us.  When you foster, all you provide is love!  We provide food, crates, toys, vet services and any meds. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tractor Supply in Hammond, LA has been a generous supporter of our organization.  We would like to thank them for their support and for allowing us to use their premises.  The staff is always so helpful and knowledgeable. Please support Tractor Supply with your purchases.  We do!