Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Great Dogs find Two Great Homes

Wow, Sunday was a great day!  We worked hard at our adoption event on Saturday, but only had a few folks that seemed serious about adopting.  But, Sunday was fantastic!  Our Bassett Hound, Duke, found a new home with a local bachelor!  He wanted a low key dog and boy did he get that with Duke.  The gentleman's daughter came with him to meet Duke and it was love at first sight.  So on the weekends, Duke will have an 11 year old to give him lots of love.

Our second dog to go to a home was Emmie.  She found a great foster home with a lovely family with  children.  They had adopted a dog from us a few months ago, but it wasn't quite the right fit.  So, when I called them about Emmie, they were excited to meet her.  They had worked hard with the first dog to try to make it work, but with Emmie, there is little work to be done.  I checked with them a few days ago and all is well.  Emmie is fitting into their lives nicely.

It is certainly good to have these two placed, but we have more work to do.  Emmie and Duke left on Sunday and by Thursday we had added 4 more!  Thankfully two are small adult dogs and two are puppies.  We have no room for larger breeds at this time.  I will be posting pictures in the next day or two.

We need everyone's help in getting the word out about our dogs.  Please tell your friends, coworkers, and family to check with us if they want a dog.  Right now we have 10 dogs waiting for a permanent home.  Help us find the right family for them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Young Ladies are Looking for Homes

This is Emmie as a puppy!  We rescued her from a rural area where she and a litter mate had been dumped when they were just 8 weeks old.   She is now 8 months old and needs a home.  Her family situation changed so she was returned to us.  It is always sad to see a dog lose their home, but we are so very grateful she was returned to us.  Emmie is housebroken and is very well behaved.  She loves to snuggle on the sofa!  We think she has some border collie in her lineage. She weighs around 25 pounds.  Emmie will be at our Adoption Day Event at the Tractor Supply in Hammond this Saturday.

Tish is another medium sized housebroken dog. This very sweet dog is around 1 year old.  She is a real people person.  When all the other dogs are running and play in the exercise pen, Tish is waiting patiently by the gate to come inside!  She is energetic and loves attention.  You can see more about Tish on Petfinder.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Loving Memory of Sugar

My sweet Sugar choked on a piece of potato and died in my arms.  She was my best friend.  So beware all animal lovers.  Dog proof your house just like you child proof a home.  I know it was an accident, but I still feel responsible. Throw out all rawhides and stuff animals.  Be vigilant because they can be gone in minutes. 
So goodbye my sweet Sugar.  You will be greatly missed.