Monday, February 6, 2012

Now everyone is happy ! No more sharing required!!


We had run out of beds for the dogs.  We had a few smaller ones, but the mid size beds were just worn out.  Today I went shopping at Ross' and found a couple of beds just the right size.  I felt like Goldilocks while I was shopping the dog isle - this one is too small, this one is too big, but this one is just right...


When I got home and unloaded the beds, the dogs were so happy!!!  They immediately claimed their spots.  Our newest, "guest", Beethoven, took some time exloring his choice.  At first he just sniffed it and then would walk away.  Then Precious decided to check it out.  Because she has very limited sight, she would paw at it and bark.  Finally Beethoven decided that was the one he wanted.  It is a bit small for him, but that is the one he selected.
Mr. Beagle

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