Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Okay, I know I promised to do a better job of updating the blog.  I failed.... what can I say..... We are absolutely overwhelmed with dogs!!!  All of my time is devoted to taking care of my canine friends and answering cruelty calls.

The Decermber 3rd Christmas Open House at Sport N Center in Denham Springs was a huge success!!!!  Many many thanks to them.  Two of our dogs found homes, the donations of towels, sheets, food, are greatly appreciated, and they raised $175.  We can neuter three dogs with this money!!!  The store had a huge sale, the children had a free  picture taken with Santa (a donation to the Humane Society was required!), and the kids had a chance to throw snowballs!!  The weather was glorious and everyone had a great time.  The dogs enjoyed all the attention.  Rocky and Bambi found forever homes!

 A week ago we seized 5 dogs and 2 cats from an abandoned home in a very blighted area of Denham Springs. We had been called to this residence before because of a dog on a chain.  Each time the dog was thin, but had housing, food, and water.  We did not know about the dogs inside.  The owner was either living at the residence or at least coming by and giving the outside dog some food.  The laws do not allow us the seize a dog that is just a bit thin.  Unfortunately, the dog has to look neglected (i.e. lots of bones showing) before we can ask for a seizure order.  A neighbor report the abandonment and knew where the owner was now living.  Fortunately we were able to contact her and get some information about the animals.  She met us at the scene and signed over the animals.  She will have to go to court!!!

 Tangihumane took the two large boxers and we took the cats, 1 medium sized dog and 2 small dogs.  The cats have won my heart.  They are declawed and so very sweet.  One of the little dogs had a burn on its back that is healing and the medium little Pit mix has flea allergies and is a mess!!  She has scratched so much she has sores and the vet said the worn down teeth are due to biting the fleas.  She has only canine teeth in the front.  Her top and bottom teeth are worn down to the gums.  Poor Jasmine has had a difficult life.  She is a bit shy, but just loves her new home.  She is on antibiotics and a special allergy diet.

This is one of the little dogs found in the home.  Her name is Blaze - not because of the injury, but because of her markings!!!  She will be spayed in the next few weeks, but is up for adoption now. 

We desparately need foster home or forever homes for the dogs.  Winter is here and my living room looks like "crate" haven.  All but four of the dogs must be inside at night when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees.  The larger double coated dogs can stay outside in their hay filled dog houses, but all of the thin coated dogs must be kept warm.  Some of the dogs can be on the screened porch that has been wrapped in plastic sheeting, but 12 of them must be inside!!!  So talk to your friends and family and encourage them to adopt!!!