Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Homes found for 4 of our dogs!

Yahooooo....Huck, Fiona, Blaze, and Buster have new homes.  Huck, Fiona, and Blaze found homes Friday night, and Buster went for a get acquainted visit at his new home.  They will be ready for him in two weeks.

I spoke to Huck and Blaze's new families today and all is well.  The families are so happy with their new furry friends. 

Jade's new mom sent me a picture showing her latest grooming visit.  Our dear Jade now has a cute little top knot with a bow.  It is so good to know she is doing well. 

We also had a new arrival on Friday.  Beethoven is a 13 year old Yorkie/Terrier mix.  His family had to surrender him because their new landlord will not allow pets.  It was a very traumatic situation for them, but they just could not afford to move.  However, they are happy to know he will stay with us until we find the perfect fit.  He is such a low key dog.  He just enjoys following me around and laying by my chair. It is as if I have another "Jade".  I will get pictures up soon.

One of our dogs, Amber, has severe hip dysplasia and will need surgery soon.  We are going to need to raise $500.00 for her vet bill.  If anyone would like to help Amber, please call Dodge City Animal Hospital, 225-664-6441 to donate towards her account.

We also want to give a big thank you to Tractor Supply.  They donated a large dog house, tons of canned food, and other supplies.  Please support the Hammond store and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing to help us.

Cruelty cases are keeping me busy.  My most recent call involved 18 dogs in a dungeon like situation.  I really wanted to just take all the dogs away from him, but I didn't have a place to put them.  Instead I had to work the with man and get him to take the adult dogs to his hunting camp and the 4 month old puppies had to have better living conditions immediately.  I went back the next day and he had complied with everything I told him.  I just wonder what people are thinking when they daily go feed dogs who are living in filth.

We are making a difference because concerned citizens are speaking up, an advocate is showing up, and law enforcement is writing them up!!! 

Many thanks to the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Deputies who are willing to give animal abusers a summons. 

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