Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you like Chopin and Mozart, you will definitely love BEETHOVEN!!!

This guy is such a gentleman.  He is low key and just likes to hang out.  At 13 years old, he is in excellent health and just wants a new forever home.  His family had to surrender him to us because the new owners of their apartment complex terminated the pet policy and they could not afford to move.  His family was so distraught when they brought him to us.  We were their last hope.  No other family member could take him and no other rescue agency had room.  But, when I heard his story I just could not say no.  Maybe part of my love for the "seniors" is because I am a senior myself!!!  I want to be considered a valuable member of society and ( I am projecting just a bit) I think senior dogs have earned the right to have a good retirement too!!

It took a day or two for Beethoven to warm up to his new environment.  At first he just wandered around a bit.  However, when I brought in the new beds, he was excited!
Can't you just feel the excitement!!!  Doesn't he look like he just can't be still because he is so happy.....  I told you he was LOW KEY....

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