Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is going to be a Merry Christmas for these dogs!

Baby Tinker found a new home right away.  Puppies are always the first to find a home. I knew she would not last long on the adoption list.  It is so good to know she will have all the attention she deserves. 

Buddy, our latest addition, is one lucky dog.  He was rescued by a young lady who saved him from being bullied and bitten by neighborhood dogs.  He may not be a puppy, but he is just a cute!  Look at that smile.
Buddy is a wonderful young adult.  He has been socialized very well.  We can't believe that such a healthy dog was abandoned.  The vet gave him a clean bill of health.  Unfortunately there was no microchip or tag to identify his owners.  Buddy is current on all vaccines and is heartworm negative.  The young lady that rescued him has agreed to foster Buddy until he finds a forever home.   Please help us find this great dog a good home.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Take the Goat to the Vet - Bring home a puppy!

What is wrong with this picture?  I found my little Nigerian Dwarf a bit under the weather, so I took him to the vet where the day before a good samaritan had dropped off a little puppy she found wandering her neighborhood.  Since I have "sucker" written across my forehead, I was asked to take the ltitle thing and find it a good home.  She is cute, but I hadn't planned on adding any other dogs until after the holiday season. 

So she is now at the house with the rest of the pack.  I hope she will adjust and sleep all night.....  A puppy is just like having a baby.  They require a lot of attention and love.  I hope to find her a home for the holidays.

Next week we will have a Bassett Hound join us.  He will undergo heartworm treatment and will need crate rest for 6 weeks.  The family that rescued him just doesn't have room for one more dog, but they have done a wonderful job taking care of him until they could place him in a small rescue facility.  They just didn't want him to be in a shelter.  They are also providing the very expensive heartworm treatment.  Folks like that really warm my heart.  They are the opposite of what we normally experience.  A lot of the dogs that make their way to our rescue center or municipal shelters are just abandoned by people who don't care.  Fortunately for this dog, he found people who care.  His photos and medical updates will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile on the farm, Minnie and Pearl, our miniature donkeys, keep a watchful eye on everything that goes on.  They brey and brey when they are disturbed by anything unfamiliar.  They are our security system! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Very Busy Week!

This past week has been a flurry of activity.  First was the cold snap that led to providing wind breaks for dogs, donkeys, rabbits, etc.  I have used every tarp I had in the barn! 

The fence project is coming along.  As you can see we desperately needed a new fence around the large dog kennels.  The goat fencing works well for medium size dogs, but the larger ones have pushed on it so much that I didn't trust it anymore.  It wasn't a huge issue because the outer yard is fenced, but sometimes I do need to separate the play areas!  Work began on the new 6' high commercial grade chain link fence around the large dog exercise area.  They will have a 75' x 30' yard all to themselves!

The best news of the week:
MAX has a new forever home!

It is always exciting to place a puppy in a home with children.  Both dog and kids are old enough to enjoy one another so they should have a very Merry Christmas this year.  A lovely family from Lafayette opened their home and hearts to Max.  From the looks of the photos, every is happy.
This is what keeps me going - everyone wins in this situation!

Sunday Morning Panic!

The wind blew the gate open and two of my personal dogs got out!  The big white husky mix, Nikki, likes to roam but always comes back.  However, I was afraid that her running mate, Roman, a Dane/Lab mix, would not follow her home.  For five long painful hours I searched.  I decided I needed to tend to the rest of the critters on the farm.  As I was feeding the goats I heard Roman's deep throaty bark.  I called him and he came a running.  Because he has a plate in his right foreleg and he limps, he was really tired when he finally came inside.  He was such a good boy to let me give him a sponge bath .  I really don't like swamp water in the house!  I have this love/annoyance relationship with Roman.  He started out as a foster dog.  He needed surgery on him leg so the shelter needed a home where he could heal inside. Well, the surgery was complicated and his recovery was long.  He spent 6 months in a crate in my living room.  (my tiny living room!)  He could be an absolute love one day and a real pain the next.  He managed to tear up so many beds that I quit counting.  He tore at his dressings requiring numerous changes, he barked and whined because he wanted to play.  We've been through a lot, so when I thought I might have lost him I was more upset that I expected.  To make matters worse, I had left a choke chain on him for the few minutes while he was in the exercise yard to go potty.  My biggest fear was that he would get caught in the woods or under a fence and he would choke to death.  I know better!  Never, Never, Never, leave a choke chain on an unattended dog - even if it is only for a few minutes. Thanks be to God that he returned safe and sound!

This is Nikki the loving house dog!

This is Nikki the SWAMP DOG!  Look at those dirty paws!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting ready for the cold weather - burrrrrr!

The forecast has below freezing temperatures for the next few nights.  While the roof over the kennels works well 90% of the time, windy cold nights require more wind protection than the dog houses.  The large dog kennels are more protected so they only need dog houses for comfort.

The small dogs are ready for the cool nights.  They have taken over the sofa.

Max is enjoying the good life - a warm place to sleep and a full belly.  What more could a dog want? 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look how much fun can be had for a buck!

Today I was in town doing a bit of shopping.  The Dollar Tree is a great place to find toys for the dogs.  I buy the rope style toys rather than stuff toys with that nasty filler material.  Tarzan, Dixie, and Max were so excited with their new chew toys!  Look how big Max is getting!  He is growing so much every week.  He is already as big as Dixie!