Thursday, April 26, 2012

Homes are urgently needed!!!

I've had a wake up call this past week.  Separating dogs that weight over 40 pounds is just too much for me at this point in life!  I've been dragged across the yard, broke a finger, and chased a dog around the pasture as it was going after my goats.  I am wayyyyyy too old for this.  I am alone with the dogs most of the time so when the dogs have to be picked up or forced to do something, I am the one who has to do it.  I just cannot continue the physical part of large dog rescue.  I hate to admit it, but at 60 I just cannot afford to break bones and I am not as strong as I was in my forties.   I need to place our big babies as soon as possible.  I have needed to do this for quite a while, but having a neighbor politely complain about the Walker hounds barking so much, solidified my decision. So I need everyone's help.  We have some fabulous big dogs who just need a family to love them. I am afraid if I don't reduce the number and size of dogs, I may have to quit all together.  I don't want that to happen so I will change my focus to smaller dogs and special needs dogs.  I currently have 2 vision impaired Poms, two crippled poodles, a 13 year old poodle, and a mystery mix with severe hip issues!  

I'd like to find homes for 6 of our large dogs by the end of May.  I know we can do this if I get everyone acting as our salesmen!!!  Come of folks, talk to everyone you know and tell them about our dogs.  We will reduce our adoption fee to just $50.00 for these dogs. However, our requirements do not change.  Fenced yards are a must!!!

We are at capacity so we cannot take another dog!  We need to move some out so we can help others.  Until we get 6 or more out, we are not able to take another dog.

Thank you all for your help.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lots of adoptions, but many great dogs still need homes!

We have had quite a few adoptions of young dogs and puppies.  But, we have some awesome adult dogs that need a family to love.  Every dog in our rescue has a story. 

Crystal was found at a construction site almost a year ago.  She had numerous scrapes and scratches and a wound to her back leg.  Her knee cap was damaged and she needed surgery to remove bone fragments from the joint.  Today she is all healed and has no problems with her leg.  She is energetic, a bit of an alpha female, but just loves attention.  During her recovery she was in a foster home with children.  She is crate trained and will easily transition to housetraining again.  She has been mostly an outside dog only sleeping in a crate indoors at night.  She is a curious dog and will search a handbag to find all sorts of stuff!!  While she never chewed up my things, she will take every item out of a purse just to see what is there!

Willow is a young dog with great potential.  She is a playful dog and likes being in charge of everyone.  She is also an alpha female who plays well with submissive females and all male dogs.  Willow was found with four puppies about a year ago.  She may have been house trained at one point in her life because she will not mess up a kennel run.  Currently she is allowed to play in the yard most of the day and then sleep in a crate on the porch with the rest of her pack.  She would make a great inside/outside dog for someone who wants a dog to alert them to possible trespassers!

Our sweet Marie just hasn't had a family of her own in months!  She had 5 beautiful puppies and all but one of them have a family.  Now she needs a family.  She is housebroken and crate trained.  Sometimes she will fuss a little about being in the crate, but it doesn't take her long to settle down.  Most of the time, a soft bed and a treat is enough to make her a happy camper in the crate!  Marie gets along with all the dogs, but she doesn't like cats! 
How about a Walker Hound?  Our funny man, Zero, needs an aspiring young hunter to train him.  He would make a great companion dog who can and wants to hunt squirrels.  He is quite a character.  One of his favorite activities is to dump his water bucket and throw it in the air like a ball.  He has a very expressive face and quite a walker hound voice.  He is a tall walker hound, all white, with tan spots on his ears.  He needs someone who can give him a great place to run and be a hound!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Puppies - Puppies - Puppies

Wow, we have three separate litters of puppies ready for new homes.  Our beautiful golden/lab mixes are 6 weeks old and need families to love.  These babies are Snow's litter.  Snow was shot in the leg and had a broken jaw when she came to our rescue.  We didn't know she was pregnant!   There are SEVEN yellow puppies.  Why not get a yellow pup instead of a yellow duck for Easter! 

The three Bassett mixes are ready to go as well.  They are absolutely the cutest little long eared babies.  Gus, Abbie, and Ellie want a family.  They are between 6 and 8 weeks of age.

Scooter and Bianca are terrier mixes that will stay small.  They are doing great in their crates and love to play chase through the living room.  We have estimated their age at 10 weeks.  If you want a playful small breed, then these two are just what you need.

Come meet all of these puppies on Friday, April 6th at the Denham Springs Petco.  We will be there from 5 to 7 pm. 

On Saturday we will be at Stines in Walker from 10 to 2!

Call your friends and family and let them know we need to find great homes for these special babies.