Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dodge City Feed Adoption Event

We had a great time Saturday.  We found homes for two kittens, but our big dogs were not so lucky.  However, Bleau and Snow White aren't the least bit bothered by the news!  Life is good......

These wonderful dogs are looking for a family to love them.  They are crate trained, semi house trained, and good with other dogs and kids. Unfortunately they don't like cats!  Both Snow White and Bleau tested as a weak positive for heartworms, but they have been on doxicycline and preventative so they may test negative soon! Bleau is a two year old Catahoula/Pit Mix and Snow White is a Bull Terrier mix and is also around 2 years of age. 

Swampy Paws' Volunteers are the BEST!!!  Many thanks to Melissa, Merry, Barbara, Judy, and Daniel for their dedication to the cause!