Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Never Ending Problem - Escapees and Abandoned Dogs

I have been battling two dogs for months.  They would jump/climb/dig their way out at least once a week.  Most of the time I would catch them right away, but a few times they would be gone for hours and I would be a wreck until they returned.  Fortunately I live in a rural area so if we get an escapee we have time to find it before it gets into any trouble, but I still don't like to have any of the dogs out in the woods.  They always return to the house full of swamp mud and ticks! -  yuck.......  I hate to use hot wire, but to protect them from themselves, I have wired their favorite escape points.  For the one area that could not be hot wired, I  used plastic fencing to extend the height of the original fence.  I just tie wrapped a piece of PVC pipe to a fence post and I had an instant 6' fence.

You can tell when one of them tries to climb the wired section.  There will be this loud yelp and then they run back to the middle of the yard with their tail between their legs.  It normally only takes one or two times and they get the idea.  You can use it for climbing and digging.  I buy the fence chargers specifically for dogs.  It is a pulse type and not as powerful as those used for cattle or horses.  You want the dog to get the idea - not hurt!  It has been almost two weeks now and neither of them have managed to esacpe ---- ahhh SUCCESS (maybe).  I don't trust them, so they are either kenneled or crated when I leave the property.

Then there is the issue of BAD OWNERS.  We accepted a little dachshund that was found in the parking lot of the Subway in Springfield.  This little lady was full of fleas, has major skin issues, and is very old - probably 10 to 11.  She is mildly heartworm positive, meaning that at one time someone took reasonable care of her.  Her teeth are in terrible shape.  She is very sweet, gets along well with the other dogs and is housebroken. She doesn't act like an old dog!  All she wants is to have someone to love her.  We named her "LUCY".  Once her skin is cleared up she will be put up for adoption.  You can see in the photo how she has patches of hair missing.  She is currently on an antibiotic and gets a medicated bath twice a week. 

SADIE is doing well.  Some of you may remember my post about the little Pom who had parvo. Her neglectful owners were trying to sell her!  Once they realized that I would not pay for a sick dog, they agreed to a little grocery money.  I just needed to get her out of that situation.  The picture above is when she was home for the weekend.  Most vets do not have someone at their facilities at night and weekends.  The vet tech just comes in twice a day to administer medications and check on everyone.  I knew that Sadie could  be in trouble if no one noticed for hours that she was crashing.  So, my vet agreed to let me take her home for the weekend with her IV line still in her little leg.  I could get her to the emergency clinic if needed and the IV line allowed them to immediately start any medication needed. 

  But look at her now!  She is just a barrell of energy. 

Here is an example of a RESPONSIBLE OWNER.  Someone I know had a litter of puppies she intended to sell to make extra money.  (Not a good idea!)   She quickly realized that two small children and 4 puppies are just too much!  She did the responsible thing and found homes for all the dogs (mom and dad included) except  for one little runt!  She surrendered "OREO" to us.  At 5 months of age, Oreo weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds!  She is loving and playful and will be put up for adoption as soon as she gains a little weight and is spayed.

Remember to spread the word ----- We need loving homes for our dogs!  Tell your friends, put us on your facebook page, help us market our dogs.  Some people say you can't buy love.  Well,,, they have never bought/adopted a dog.  For the small sum of $60.00 you can bring a lot of love into your life!

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  1. Where do I fill out an adoption form for Oreo? This is Jennifer. I was at Petco yesterday.