Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'll do better!!!

A dear friend of mine reminded me that I need to update this blog more often.  She is so right, but sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with all the things I'm supposed to do!  But, I promise to do better.  There are days when  have a lot to say and actually make myself wait to post something.  These are the days when I've just rescued a dog that has been dumped and is almost starved to death, full of fleas and ticks, and has wounds that show how cruel the "dumped" life can be for a dog.  I want to write about the horrors these dogs go through when they are left to fend for themselves.  I want to rant about the people who do such things.  I want to find the cowards and have them spend a week on the street with no shelter, food, or water.   But then there are weeks like this one, when I feel that we are really accomplishing something good.  Our little parvo Pom, Sadie, when to her forever home tonight.  She is going to be a present for a 6 year old little girl.  Our Sadie, who had such a hard start in life, will be the center of attention and love from  a sweet little girl.

Oreo is being spayed tomorrow and her new owners are anxious to take her home on Tuesday, July 12.

Last week we accepted a 6 week old pit bull puppy.  I really don't like to take young puppies because they require so much work!  A 6 week old puppy needs a lot of attention and socialization.  This little cutie has been named Katie.  I met Katie's breeder when I was in Baton Rouge at a local pet supply store.  He had just been to the vet with her.  She was crying and in a lot of pain.  It seems as if she had developed septic arthritis.  I have never heard of such a thing, but the vet said with medication she should be okay.  Since he did not want to sell her or give her away, he asked me if I could place her in  a good home once she was weaned.  I agreed, thinking I would probably never hear from him.  Well, he called and I kept my word.  Wow, what a great guy.  He really loved this little puppy and knew that he didn't have the time or ability to find the right home for her.  She weighs 7 pounds!  She will be put up for adoption in 2 weeks.  Our policies for pit bulls are quite strict - fenced yard, experienced  dog owner, vet references, and obedience classes are required. This breed gets a really bad reputation because of bad owners.  We hope to change that!  The best dog I have is a pit bull / catahoula mix.  He is AWESOME!

And there is Happy, our latest addition.  She was found on Happy Woods Drive in Killian.  She had been a stray for a few weeks.  She looks like a miniature German Shepherd.  She is quite thin, but in good shape.   My vet thinks she is about a year old.  She is so smart.  In no time she has learned her manners.  She doesn't jump up as much and has learned to sit in order to get attention.  She also has learned that she cannot mouth my hand!  She never bit hard, but I just don't allow the dogs to mouth anyone.  She will make a wonderful pet because she is a good watch dog, and seems to want to be with people.  She is a bit camera shy, so her photo will have to wait until I have help taking her picture!

Precious gave me quite a scare this week.  I woke up at 2 am to loud horrifying shrieks.  She had gotten her right front leg caught between the wire of the wire crate and could not figure out how to get free.  She had torqued herself so much that I had to run to the barn and get the bolt cutters and cut the crate.  If I could have gotten her to calm down, I probably could have gotten her free, but she was so frightened and upset that she was just thrashing about.  She does tend to be quite vocal even if she isn't in any real danger.  I know she does this because she is blind and feels very vulnerable.  So, no more wire crates for her.  Thankfully she didn't do any damage.  She seems to be quite happy to be in the bathroom when I can't watch her.  She is large enough know that she can't get under the tub, or behind the washer! 

We are getting ready for our adoption event at Petco.  On Friday evening, we are having a "BIG DOG" night.  We will have a lab mix, Lucky, a purebred Walker Hound, Boudreaux. a mystery mix, Tish, and a huge Golden/Lab mix named Buddy.  We will be at the store in Denham Springs from 5 until 8 pm.  Drop by and say hello. 

Many many thanks to the Petco staff.  The manager, Ron, is such a great guy.  He allows us to be inside and even gives the dogs treats.  He certainly makes us feel very welcome.  So, support Petco when you can.

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