Friday, June 10, 2011


I am really bummed out today.  Daisey is being returned. This is the second home that has returned Daisey. The first time wasn't her fault.  The prospective owner's other dogs just would not accept Daisey.  Now she just can't seem to settle down with a fabulous young couple.  She has started digging and whining all the time.  They even took her to the vet to see if she was ill.   I guess she misses the pack.  She just doesn't realize that she had a great home and that the humans were going to be her new pack.  Anyway, they gave it a heroic effort.  So Miss Daisey is once again going to be at Swampy Paws.  If there is a next time, I will make sure one of her submissive playmates goes with her.  I really think that is all she needs.  Unfortunately, the couple can't add another dog so their only choice is to return Daisey. 

Let me thank them for returning her to us and not letting her go to just anyone or a shelter. 

I know that this is part of running a rescue.  But, when you find a great home and the dog doesn't cooperate then it gets frustrating.  We are so very full that I have no openings at all - no little dogs and no big dogs can come it until I get a few placements.

Part of the disappointment with today is that after meeting with the manager of Petco, I learned they require a 501 3 C status before we can go there on our own.  The Petco chain has been so cooperative and helpful to all the local municipal shelters and small rescues.  But,  I absolutely hate having to jump through hoops with the IRS so I think I wll just have to find a different location to show the dogs under the Swampy Paws name.  We can take one or two of our dogs when we work the Saturday adoption events with the Denham Springs Animal Shelter, but I hate to bring a dog and compete with the shelter's animals.  They too are very crowded and need to find homes desparately.

There really is no need to be a 501 3 C.  All it will cause is more paperwork than I want, and we are too small to get grants.  Ofcourse, if someone wanted to donate cash, they could  write it off on their taxes, but so far we haven't gotten much in the way of donations.  I just think it isn't worth the hassle.

So today was a bummer...... another dog that needs kennel space and one less place to show our dogs....
On the bright side, I love Daisey and she is worth the effort.

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