Thursday, June 16, 2011

This has been Vet Week!

In the past week we have taken 5 dogs to the vet for various issues.  Jade, our newest addition, needed a recheck on her skin issues and another round of shots, Sadie also needed shots, Boudreaux aka Butterball has some sort of sprain that is causing a limp, and Lady had a very swollen ear flap!  In addition, we had a little terrier mix that needed vaccines so she can have a cherry eye corrected.  As it turned out, Lady must have been stung.  When I found her at 5:30 am this morning, her ear flap was about 2" thick!  I immediately gave her benadryl and put her inside in the air conditioning.  By the time we got to the vet, the swelling was down quite a bit, but still noticeable.  Fortunately, there was no sign of a snake or spider bite.  The doc gave her a shot and said to continue the antihistimine until the swelling is gone.

Boudreaux is such a handsome dog.  I remember how dreadful he looked when we first found the litter of puppies very sick with parvo.  Now that he is a year old, he has developed into a good looking hound dog!  He just plays so hard that he sprained his leg!
The pictures of the puppies and then the grown up dogs always keep me smiling.  It is a lot like having baby pictures of your adult children sitting on the mantel.  You remember how special they were when they were so little! You recall how much work went into raising them and then you smile with an inner satisfaction knowing you have great kids.  Well, our dogs are a lot like that.  We are always happy to see how they have matured and turned into awesome canine companions.

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