Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boudreaux, Honey, Precious and Bleau !!!!

Boudreaux has found a way to cool off!  Our Walker Hound thinks he is a lab!  He discovered the water tub a few months ago and has continued to use it as his own personal cool down tub!  He is such a goofy dog.  Boudreaux was one of parvo puppies from last year.  He was adopted, but his hound nature made it difficult to live in the city in a normal backyard.  He is quite a squirrel dog! 

When the litter of puppies were found they were all thin and very sick.  We were able to save 6 of the 8 puppies.  It was quite a challenge.  So this litter of puppies have a special place in our hearts.  We want him to find a forever home and one where he will be allowed to use his hound traits!  He is all grown up and a beautiful dog.

Another beautiful dog is HONEY -  Remember her - she also likes water.  Honey is doing well in her new home.  She has three other pack mates and a wonderful human companion.  I just love it when I get pictures of our dogs in their new homes.  Honey was a lucky dog to find such an engaged owner.  She is doing great because of such a kind and loving home.

Precious keeps us smiling.  Her lack of vision certainly doesn't slow her down.  She now weighs 6 pounds and her eye pressures are remaing constant.  That is good news!  Over time and with medication it may go down some.  She has discovered a new best friend - Bleau.  Since Bleau jumps the fence to get inside, he has become a mostly inside dog.  He is crate trained and practically housebroken.  He NEVER marks my house!!!!  I am sooo impressed.  I had to teach him to be gentle, and not paw at the little one.  He readily learned that she is just a baby!  Now he just lets her crawl all over him. 

We have many great dogs that need a loving home.  Our "ready for adoption" number is 8 and our permanent resident number is 10!  Four are my personal dogs and the other 6 are either old, have behavioral issues, or otherwise unadoptable.  That is a lot so we need everyone's help in finding homes.

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  1. It is so great to see that puppy so happy. She looks so beautiful, you again have done a wonderful thing with her!!! You are such a wonderful Christian lady and I hope that people who see this blog help in finding these other puppies wonderful homes