Monday, March 26, 2012


Calling all volunteers!!!  We will be participating in the Tangi Pet Expo in Ponchatoula on Saturday, March 31st.  This is an all day event so we could use some extra hands!  The Expo will be held at the Ponchatoula Recreational Park, 19030 N. Hoover Rd., Ponchatoula from 10 to 4 pm.  We have to be there around 8 because all participants must be completely set up by 9:30.  We are taking two canopies, a large pool umbrella, tables, chairs, coolers, and as many dogs as possible.

If you can help with set up or for a hour or two during the day, please let me know. 

We will be taking our latest puppy arrivals!  We have three rat terrier mixes that are so very cute!  In addition, we will have several of our large breeds.  We really need to find homes for some of these dogs as they have been with me for almost a year!  Ofcourse, their time is never up with us, it is just that we need to make room for other dogs that need help.  Jupiter, Willow, Cybil, Boudreaux, and Zero are just waiting for someone to love!

Also, I'd like to introduce to everyone, Ginger.  She is a another blind Pomeranian.  Ginger was in a shelter in St. Martin Parish.  When I was told of her issues, I knew she would do well here.  Precious also has very limited sight, so I am familiar with what a blind dog needs.   Ginger is 6 years old, heartworm negative, and walks well on a leash.  You just have to let her take the lead and follow her.  She is up for adoption, but she will require a special environment.  Ginger needs a home with no small children, and one where someone is home most of the day.  She is loving and as long as she can hear you coming, she does well.  Blind dogs need to know you are there before you try to pet them.  All it takes is a lot of talking!!!! She loves her crate and enjoys walks outside.
Precious is not up for adoption.  She will remain a sanctuary dog.

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