Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Memory of Jobe

This story of a great human / canine bond came to me through a friend. It is not a story with a fairytale ending, but one where a rescued bully breed had the best possible chance of a good life.  My friend told me about her friend's struggle to save a dog's life.  The dog was rescued from a shelter then months later underwent heroic efforts to correct a medical emergency.  Here is Jobe's story as told by Melissa Perkins.

Jobe was approximately 2-3 years old and an American Bulldog. He was rescued  back in June of 2011. He was underweight and in bad shape. Very friendly with all other dogs and children and just an all around great dog. His foster mom Twyla fell in love with him.   They only had a few months together but it was true unconditional love. She fought for him until the end when he died in her arms. He underwent emergency surgery just a few days before to remove an obstruction in his stomach. Sadly, it wasn't enough to save this gentle giant. He is greatly missed and will always be a part of his mom.

A contribution to Swampy Paws Canine Rescue was made in memory of Jobe by Melissa, Twyla's dear friend.  Our thoughts and prayers go with Twyla and her family as they mourn the passing of their canine companion, Jobe.

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