Monday, May 16, 2011

Two cute ladies seeking a home!

Amber & Pumpkin are ready to have a family to love them.  They were spayed on Friday and now they are ready to go.  All we need are families!  They had their first outdoor adventures today since their surgery.  They wanted to play with Boudreaux.  He was very curious about the girls!  Pumpkin enjoyed searching for grasshoppers then decided she needed a bit of human companionship!  Sister Amber was a shy one today.  Amber is a bit smaller than Pumpkin, but both of these girls are going to be large.  At 4 months Amber weighs 16 lbs and Pumpkin weighs 20 pounds.  They have tripled their weight since March 15th. They are 100% purebred all American mutt!!!  They have come a long way since they were dumped in a parking lot.  They now have a full coat of hair instead of the sticky adhesive that was all over them. 

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