Monday, May 9, 2011

He's Back!!!

Tarzan is back at Swampy Paws!  This little dynamo has been our foster dog on and off for several months.  He doesn't do well in a shelter environment so I was asked to foster him. He becomes aggressive, barks continuously, and is just really really stressed.  I had returned him to the shelter on Monday after he snapped at my son and was acting as if he wanted to bite him!  On Friday I was volunteering at the shelter and my heart sank as I approached his small kennel.  He was visibly depressed, but when he saw me he started wagging his tail and acting cute and sweet.  But I was resolved that I would not keep a dog that had such serious adoption hurdles to overcome.  So, I left him there. My gut told me that this was not the right decision for Tarzan. Yes, leaving him there would make my life easier, but what would it do to him.   We are so very crowded that I just could not see keeping a dog that may take many months to find the right home.  He needs a family that will be patient with him.  He isn't a mean dog, just a frightened one at times.  He puts on this big bad show when he is in a wire crate because he feels vulnerable.  He loves to run and play fetch and then curl up on my lap. He just needs a lot of loving!

Then on Mother's Day, I stopped in at the local Petco to make a couple of new tags.  I could hear Tarzan barking even before I could see him.   I  could  hear the stress in his bark.  I walked over to the area where the adoptions were located.  Once he saw me he quieted down and started wagging his tail.  Everyone was happy to see me because it meant quiet in the store!  I guess the "mother" in me took over and I brought him back to Swampy Paws again.  However, this time he will not be going back to the shelter.  If we can't find him the perfect home, then he will just stay here. 

My son reminds me that we are getting far too many dogs that may just end up being permanent residents.  I think I will have to do a big marketing campaign asking people to sponsor a dog.  Basically it will mean an adoption without taking the dog home!  I can send regular pictures, emails, and take the dog to visit their sponsor.  They could even have the dog for the weekend!   All the sponsor has to do is contribute toward the dog's care.  We are in need of additional kennels so perhaps someone could donate a chain link kennel if they could not have a full time dog.  Oh well.. my mind is racing about all the possibilities. 

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