Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daisey and Jazz find new homes!

I just received an email from my new friend Bobbi.  She is the lady who stepped up to care for a neighbor's dog after the elderly lady was placed in a nursing home. Bobbi barely knew the neighbor, but she is such an animal lover that she just could not see the dog being sent to a shelter.  The elderly lady's family was happy to have Bobbi's help.  Jazz had been a loyal companion to their family member and they only wanted the best for her.  Bobbi contacted me in January to see if we could help her place the dog.  She was willing to care for Jazz until I had space in our kennel.  While the smaller dogs and puppies are being adopted, the large dogs are just not finding homes quickly so it has been a long wait.  When Daisey, our very large bloodhound, found a home, we had room to take Jazz.  But, lucky for Jazz, Bobbi found her a home the same week!  Now Jazz has a family of her own and another playmate.  Many many thanks to Bobbi for her dedication to Jazz.  You can see from the picture that Jazz has Bobbi's heart!

Miss Daisey has a wonderful new family as well.  A lovely young newlywed couple adopted her last week and took her home today.  She will be the center of attention and the only dog in the household.  I know she will be spoiled rotten in no time!!!  It was a bittersweet time today as I handed the couple her leash.  I admit to a few tears as I will miss that bloodhound howl and her big goofy ways.  But I am overjoyed at the new home for her.

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