Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd Chance at Adoption for Daisey and Tiny!!!

Just last weekend I placed Daisey and Tiny in prospective homes.  Unfortunately neither of the adoptions were a good fit and both dogs were returned.  It wasn't Daisey's fault that the little Chihuahua that ruled the house just would not accept a big playful dog in the backyard!  The family's little dog would have absolutely no part of a dog on her premises.  She spent the days sitting at the patio door barking at Daisey.  I certainly could not blame the owners for making the decision to return Daisey.

Tiny's story was mentioned in an earlier blog.  This time Tiny is in a home with a another small dog and a single lady.  I am hopeful she will adjust to her new surroundings.  The new owner was very patient with her during the get acquainted meeting.  She understands Chihuahuas and will work with Tiny to help her feel confident and safe in her new setting.

Daisey will be going to her new home next week.  She was adopted today, but the lovely young couple wants to make sure they get the proper size dog house for her and finish the fencing so when she arrives everything will be ready.  They are making her a place with a raised bed, a fan and lots of shade!  I really liked the way they were concerned about her safety and comfort.

An update on Precious - She is doing GREAT!  At her last vet check, the pressures were down a bit and she had gained 3/4 lb.  Wow, does that dog have energy!  I am working on getting her calm enough to be held.  She doesn't like it and will struggle to get free.  Unfortunately, she doesn't realize that she is up in your arms so she could injure herself if she were to jump down.  Hopefully with a lot of patience and positive reinforcement she will realize that being held is a good thing.
I have been really busy with the gardening.  In addition to our traditional row garden, I have a raised bed area.  I love working in the garden and reaping the rewards of home grown vegetables.  In our traditional row garden we have green beans, red beans, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, okra, beets, field peas, green and yellow squash and tomatoes.  The raised bed garden also has all of the above plus cucumbers, herbs, carrots,  lima beans, bell peppers, cantaloupe, asparagus, a variety of dwarf  fruit trees, fig trees and muscadine grapes.  So you see, I stay very very busy!  The kennel work, the farm animals, and the yard take all of my time. Oh well, it keeps me out the mall......


  1. Hello, we met at the Paws for a Cause event last weekend. I am so glad to hear the good news for Daisy and Tiny!

  2. Wow, it is good to know that our adoption events are also good public relations events. Thanks for keep up with us - spread the word - We have some amazing lovingly dogs waiting for homes!