Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hurricane Issac Update

Well, we took a big hit from the storm.  Most of  you have probably seen our facebook page and know what we have been dealing with for the past week.  But if you have missed it, I'll give you a brief update.

We had a lot of water, a downed tree that took out fencing and gates, and flooded kennels.  But, thankfully everyone is safe, the water is down, and we have started the repair/replace/rebuild process.

We were fortunate to have a national rescue group, American Rescue Corp, take 8 of our large dogs!!  This was such a blessings.  We have lost our large exercise area and we have no place for the dogs to run and play.  The yard around the kennels is still muddy and the daily rains are not helping!

During the storm and for a few days afterwards we had 40 dogs/puppies in the house or porch!  It was quite an adventure.  We were unable to get out of the area because all the roads going north, south, east or west, were under water.  It was three days before we could get to town and get some of the dogs moved into foster homes or other rescues. 

It was such a wonderful experience working with Animal Rescue Corp.  They drive across country to help in disaster situations or other large scale animal rescues.  Please visit their facebook page and tell them how much we appreciate their help.  If possible, make a  donation. 

I probably sound a little disjointed tonight, but the past week has been extremely stressful and physically demanding.  I have been running nonstop and "eating out of the window" (aka drive through fast food) way too much!  I hope to be able to slow down just a little tomorrow. 

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