Friday, November 4, 2011

Update on dog seized - now known as "Buster" and Adoption Events

I've been checking in "Buster" a couple of times a week. He is gaining weight and doing great. I am trying not to get too emotionally involved because we have 8 more days to go before the owner can come forward and ask the court for the dog.  I don't think that will happen and given the officer's statements, I think he will also try to make sure this man never gets the dog back.  This is just the sweetest dog so I am hopeful we will have a chance to continue his rehab here.  Once he has reached a healthy weight he will go up for adoption.  So heads up everybody. 
Buster is going to need a home in a month or two.

Our event at Cabela's was very successful.  Three dogs found homes!  I was especially happy for Lucky.  He had been here for several months and needed a family of his own.  We also had just received a Bloodhound named Aubry.  He found a home as well.  Then there is Mr. Beagle.  Just a few weeks earlier, Mr. Beagle found a family, but the owner's other dog just would not accept him.  So he was returned to us.  Fortunately, Mr. Beagle now has a home where he will be the only dog.  I have talked to the family this week and they are absolutely in love with him.  He is king of the couch and enjoys the nice big king sized bed!

We did not go to Petco this evening.  We had a 90th birthday party to attend this afternoon.  It really takes a couple of hours to get the dogs ready and load up all the stuff we need.   We just couldn't manage both.  We will be back next week. 

Sunday afternoon I will pick up a dog that has been in a foster home.  Her name is Play.  She is a healer mix, housebroken, and very sweet.  Play got her name because she loves to play.  We hope to find her a home with an active family.  She is crate trained and does well on a leash.

The additional fencing was completed today.  Now with the security flood light and the extra fencing I don't think we will have any problems with my neighbor.  It will also make my life easier.  

I will take more pictures this week and get them posted.  The dogs are really enjoying the cool weather.  They are so frisky in the mornings.  I need to video them running and playing king of the mountain on their dirt pile.  We finished closing in the screen porch with plastic sheeting.  Now that night time temperatures are below 40, the dogs are brought into the porch at night and the heater keeps them warm.  We put lots of fleece bedding in the wire crates and use old blankets to cover the crates as well.  The large dogs with double coats are kept outside where their dog houses have a nice layer of fresh hay for bedding.

Keep passing the word about our dogs. I really need to reduce our numbers before winter.  If temperatures drop below freezing, ALL the dogs have to come onto the porch.  I am running out of space and crates!!!

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