Thursday, October 27, 2011

A day in the life of a Cruelty Investigator

Today I had to wear a different hat.  Today I wasn't the head pooper scooper, mange manager, or keeper of the kibble. Today, I was the cruelty investigator for the Humane Society of LA - Livingston Chapter.  While my training and experience with dogs has made me stronger, one NEVER gets over seeing a dog nearly starved to death ON PURPOSE.  From time to time we find hunting hounds that have been either abandoned or lost in dreadful shape, but I rarely see an animal in such a condition in the backyard of a home in a nice neighborhood.  This home had boats, swing sets, and other "toys" around to indicate the family had means.  The yard was nice and tidy, the grass cut, and everything looked normal until you drove around to the side where a utility road abutted the property.  There was a dog in a pen.  A skeleton in a pen would be a better description.

I called the sheriff's office to have an officer meet me.  Once he saw the dog he agreed that the dog had to be taken today.  So he issued a Seizure Order and I took the dog to the vet.  At the vet, his body condition score was 1.  This is the lowest score possible.  His body temperature was 97.6. He is anemic,  mildly heartworm positive, full of hook worms and fleas, has a yeast infection in his ears, and a wound on his left front leg. The vet said there is no medical reason for the dog to be this thin.  The only reason for the condition of the dog is starvation. Yet, through all of this, this sweet dog just wanted to sit in my lap.  He weighs 39 pounds and he should weigh 65!!!

The poor dog will remain at the vet for 15 days.  The owner has that amount of time to contact the sheriff's office to claim the dog.  He will be given a summons for simple animal cruelty.  The most likely outcome is that the owner will surrender the dog to avoid going to jail or receiving a guilty verdict. The police officer is going to try to make it impossible for the owner to get the dog back. I will go to court to ask the judge to release the dog to the Humane Society.  If this does happen, we will need to raise money to pay the bill.

If any of you would like to help, please contact Dodge City Animal Hospital, 225-664-6441.  The dog's name is Buster.  Please tell them you want to contribute toward Buster's care.

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  1. This just breaks my heart.... I can't believe someone could treat an animal like this. I know to fell this way isn't right but they should be locked in a pen without food for a while and see how they like it. You are an angel to save these animals.