Monday, October 3, 2011

Homes found for Mr. Beagle, Pumpkin, Happy, and Sheeba!!!

Yahoooooo.....  This past weekend was a huge success.  We were able to find homes for 4 of our smaller dogs.  I have to admit I miss Mr. Beagle.  He was my couch potato snuggle buddy.  Pumpkin and Happy have families of their own and Sheeba is with a couple that have a few grand children as her playmates.   I just knew Lucky would find a home, but unfortunately he will have to wait.

On Thursday I take the General to Mississippi to meet the transport to the East Coast.  It has been a challenge to get all the paperwork and additional tests done to meet the requirements for transport.  He had to have a lyme and erhlichia test in addition to the normal stuff.  At least we will soon be able to put the kennels back together so Jupiter and Willow will have their space back. 

Don't forget - Friday night adoptions at the Petco in Denham Springs then Saturday at Tractor Supply in Hammond.  I was buying dog food today at Tractor Supply and the manager there brought out a big box of stuff for us.  Wow, what a treat.  It has all the type of stuff we use - ear cleaner, stainless buckets, vitamins, poop bags, brushes, etc.  These were all discontinued items so they collect them for us.  Every item donated helps us continue to feed and provide medical care for the dogs.  THANK YOU TRACTOR SUPPLY!!  We will be taking Jupiter, Lucky, Amber, and Dixie to meet all the folks at Petco and Tractor Supply.

Our little Ebony is doing a bit better, although she still doesn't use her back legs properly.  I spoke with Dr. Smith at Dodge City Animal Hospital about her and he wants to examine her and the xrays to see if perhaps we can do an early intervention with a minor surgical procedure.  I have stopped swimming her because she gets so sore.  The morning after her swim she always seems to be in pain.  Hopefully Dr. Smith may have an answer.  He has performed surgery on two of our other dogs and both were great successes. 

Our regular vets are not orthopedic surgeons so they cannot treat Ebony.  Dr. McCormick at Hickory Small Animal Hospital has been Ebony's advocate.  She sent the xrays to two different orthopedic surgeons (one of which is from LSU Vet School) and both of them say that at this age the hips look normal and let's take a wait and see approach since she is a rescue and we don't have a lot of money.  However, after a little research I think perhaps Dr. Smith's approach may be beneficial.  If she continues to use the leg improperly there will be permanent damage to the joint and she will develop arthritis.  If we can get it so the ball of the hip isn't popping out of the socket, then there is less opportunity for damage to the joint.  So later this week we will see him and try to find an answer for Ebony.

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