Thursday, April 14, 2011

Precious and Tiny - Making Friends

Wow, this seems to be the month for small dogs.  In a short 3 weeks, we have taken in two female puppies (mystery mixes), one long hair chihuahua, one short hair chihuahua, and the blind Pom  puppy.  The long hair fellow was a stray, but fortunately by posting on craigslist and signs throughout the neighborhood we found his owner.  The little female chi was abandoned on a rural road in Killian.  My mail lady had noticed her sitting in the edge of the woods for a few days.  She was finally able to catch her.  Poor little Tiny was so scared.  But she has warmed up to us and is now ready for her forever home.  We put a bell on Tiny's collar to alert Precious that another dog was nearby.  Well, poor Tiny thought it was a terrible idea and would not move.  Every time the bell would tinkle she would yelp and freeze.  No more bells for Tiny.

The puppies, Amber and Pumpkin, are much healthier now and are ready for their forever home. Pumpkin is the mellow one!  Both of these little girls will be medium sized dogs.  

Please help us find forever homes for these young dogs and puppies.

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