Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blind Puppy Tossed from Truck

Yesterday I received a frantic call from my friend.  She lives on a busy rural highway.She was outside and witnessed this horrific event.  A small black truck slowed down and tossed the puppy in the ditch.  My friend ran to rescue the dog to keep it from wandering into the road.  In just a few minutes she could tell the puppy had a problem.  I called my vet to alert her that I was bringing in the puppy as soon as possible.  In less than an hour, we had the puppy assessed, treatment started, and basic vaccines.   The puppy suffers from glaucoma and is malnourished.  She will need eye drops and pills for a few months to see if we can get the eye pressure down in her left eye.  The right eye had normal pressure, but no vision.  We suspect the left eye allows her to see shadows but nothing more.  In time she may even lose that ability.   She will require regular checkups and meds for the remainder of her life.

As a special needs dog, Precious, will need very close supervision.  She has no sense of height!  She will try to jump off the sofa, but since she cannot see where to land, she could seriously injure herself.  Her eye sight may be impaired, but not her spirit!  She is loving and full of puppy energy. 

The cruel man in the truck didn't think much of this little 3 pound dog, but WE do.  We named her Precious because she is precious to us.  Every dog here is VERY PRECIOUS to us.  Precious will not be put up for adoption.  We are going to keep her and make sure she has a safe secure and forever home.

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