Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paws for a Cause Adoption Event

We were happy to participate in the very first Paws for a Cause Adoption event in Hammond, LA. The 1 mile and 5K events for humans and their canine companions went off without a hitch.  Tater Tot Big Dog Rescue put together this event to honor Pets for Vets.  Many thanks to them for their hard work.  The location was perfect, the K-9 demonstration got everyone's attention and the jambalaya was TERRIFIC!!!  Good food, great dogs, fun folks, and glorious weather - what more could we ask for!
It was also good to see some of the people we see at the Tractor Supply Store Adoption Events we hold monthly.  We made some new friends and certainly appreciate the donations towards our dog food account!  We currently use over 250 lbs of food a month.

All during the day I was a bit anxious to get away and help find one of our dogs that ran away from its new home.  Our little Tiny, went to her new home on Friday and within hours bolted off the deck!  I guess she just didn't realize she was going to have a wonderful new mom.  The couple followed her trying to get her to stop long enough so they could pick her up, but she would have nothing to do with them.  They followed her to the edge of some woods.  By then it was dark so they left and returned early this morning.  Tiny was still there, but she would not let them get close.  They even tried a live trap to see if they could catch her.  So, as soon as the event was over, I hurried 40 miles away to see if she would come to me.  The couple showed me where she was hiding.  That dog crossed a very busy road!  My heart was heavy thinking I might I have to leave her there if she would not come to me before dark.  But, I made one pass calling for her and she came out of hiding and into my arms!   It was obvious that she wanted to come back to the farm.  The couple just couldn't keep her knowing she was so unhappy so they donated the adoption fee and asked me to take her back.

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