Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rehoming a Hound / A Nugget arrives

The holidays are over and so is my bout with pneumonia!  It has been about 5 weeks of coughing, funky breathing, and generally feeling bad.  But, today I think I finally turned the corner.  I worked outside in the sunshine and felt great!!!  The dogs really enjoyed a full day of romping in the warm sun.

It seems as if hounds are our thing these days.  We now have a purebred Bassett and a very old Walker hound added to the pack.  The Basset was lucky because he found someone who cared enough to get him to a shelter.  The poor old lady, however, was not as fortunate.  You can tell from her behavior that she was a hunting dog.  She is friendly, but definitely not terribly interested in people.  Her age and related physical problems made it impossible for her to keep up with the pack, so she was abandoned.  When I found her on the side of the road she was starving and cold, but at least she was alive. Lady is the fourth hunting dog I have rescued.  Something must be done to make hunters more responsible with these dogs.  Once they get on a scent, they are not aware of property boundaries or highways.  They can run for miles away from the hunter.  If the hunter isn't diligent in finding his dogs, then they are either lost or abandoned. One of the other dogs had been  hit by a car and was dead.  The night before had been down around 25 degrees.  She has no body fat and suffers from some type of nasal infection.  The vet said she should weigh 50 pounds instead of 32!  She has a serious heart murmur due to heartworms. She has an old wrist break that gives her front right leg a swollen joint.  It isn't painful now, but at one time it probably was very sore. Again, the owner didn't care to see to her medical needs.  I know she is not adoptable so she will spend the rest of her retirement here, just being a dog.  She won't have to run with a pack on a sore leg, she won't have to fight for food, and she will not have to look for a warm and safe place to sleep.  She has a home - she has been RESCUED.

The youngest and latest addition to the group is our little golden Nugget, a Chipom mix. The family who originally purchased her named her Nuggett because she was as tiny as a chicken nugget and the same golden color. But due to a very busy schedule, the family needed to find her a place where she will get the attention she deserves.  I think a better description for her is her golden personality.  She is so sweet and very calm for a puppy.  She loves to snuggle by your side at night and sleep contently all night long.  She is up for adoption so please help us find her a great forever home.

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