Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Obedience School Time and Your Chance to Help the Dogs!

Many, many thanks to Dick Russell Training.  They are going to allow us to bring our shelter dogs to obedience school for a very small fee. (It basically covers their paperwork!)  They know that a well trained dog has a higher chance of getting adopted and staying in the home.  Their goal is to help us get a forever home for every shelter dog.  So here is your chance to help.  We need a few volunteers each week to work with the dogs.  The classes start on Jan. 31 at 7 pm at Dodge City Feed.  All you have to do is let me know that you can participate and we will bring a shelter dog for you to train.  If you can spare one hour a week it would be greatly appreciated.  Give me at call at Swampy Paws Canine Rescue - 225-772-8836 for more information.

Dixie is a wonderful terrier mix with a high energy level yet she enjoys cuddling on the sofa .  She is about 9 months old, the perfect age to begin some serious obedience training.  Because she loves to run and jump we have planned to start her on agility once  basic obedience is mastered.  Dixie would be a great dog to train.

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