Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nuggett and Dudley Get Forever Homes

Wow, little Nuggett was a hit at the adoption event today.  In the first 30 minutes we had 2 people who wanted to adopt her.  She now has a new forever home with a wonderful lady and teenage daughter.  She will be the only dog in the house so I am sure she is going to be a really "dog princess". 

Dudley, our little Cur mix, also found a home today.  A couple came by the farm to see the dogs.  Dudley selected them!  He just ran up to the fellow and gave him a big kiss.  That sealed the deal!  Dudley will be the only dog in his new home.  He will get all the love and attention he deserves.  I will miss Dudley.  He was with me for 4 months and I had grown very attached to him.   Infact, I had just about decided that if he didn't get adopted soon I was going to keep him.  But, a home where he is the center of attention is much better than being one of 10! 

So while I will miss them both, my heart is full of joy - the families are happy and it is the best outcome for the dogs!

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