Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work, Work, Bark, Bark, Kiss, Kiss

Trying to get anything done in the yard when the dogs are out is just about impossible.  I loaded the garden cart with stuff to take to the barn.  Got distracted and when I return the three empty styrofoam cartons for eggs looked as if they had been exploded - tiny bits of pink and blue styrofoam all over the yard.  Okay, it was my fault, but I just didn't want to rake the yard.  Honey decided the rake was a toy and wanted to play.  So I gave up!  I was working and they were barking and wanting attention. There is nothing like sitting down and having a lap full of 5 big dogs giving me kisses.  After a good face washing (a real one with soap and water) I went back to my chores!

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