Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day One of the Blog

Another day, another dog!  Actually it was a puppy.  My bloodhound was raising cane and just would not stop barking.  I thought there must be a rabbit in the thicket behind the kennels.  So, off I went to chase the little rabbit away so I could have my Sunday afternoon nap.  But to my surprise, I found a healthy Rottweiler puppy playing in the grass near the fence. I just hope this little guy found his way here and was not dropped off.

Tomorrow is picture day.  We now have our signs for the truck, a large banner for pet adoptions, t-shirts, business cards, and adoption forms.  We are ready to have our first adoption day on Nov. 14th.  Weather permitting, we will be a Tractor Supply in Hammond, LA from 10 to 3.

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