Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Guests at Swampy Paws!

Don't you like the phrase "new guests"?  That implies that they are only here temporarily!  That is what needs to happen.  Take a look at these cuties.  Show their picture to your friends.  Make sure everyone knows there is a place where they can get an AWESOME CANINE COMPANION! 

Meet Shadow - He is a 100% purebred American Mystery Mix.  He is long, low, and solidly built.  He was found in the woods, full of tick and fleas.  Whenever you would approach him he would yelp as if he was hurt.  Someone in his past was not good to him.  However, after a week or two of kindness he is warming up to people.   

Pepper looks as if there is a little Boston Terrier in her lineage.  She is small, 15 lbs, and just loves to be held.  Her new best friend, Shadow, plays and chases her all day! 

The German Shepherd mixes are growing.  They are now 8 weeks old.  We have two females that need homes.  Ginger is taller than her sister and quite laid back.  Ebony has the darkest coat of all the litter.  She is coal black with the tan eyebrows and markings. Both of the little girls are being crate trained and Ginger is really coming along.  Next week they go to the vet  for another round of vaccines.

Many many thanks to Dezzi Falgout.  She made this wonderful spread sheet with all the dogs and the dates of their vaccines, weight, dob, spay dates, etc.   You can't believe how helpful this is when you have lots of dogs!  I have used this spread sheet a dozen times in the last two weeks!  I am glad I know someone who is knows how to do things on Excel!

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  1. Oh he has cleaned up so nice! Who would have thought he would be so shiny and beautiful without all of those ticks & fleas! Thank you so much for helping us with him! I wish people would stop dumping all of their unwanted pets off at our house! Your rescue is the greatest!

    joyce eddleman