Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Exciting Day - Two adoptions - 6 Intakes!

Okay, I know I am suppose to base my in take on the number of adoptions.  Because only 1 of the dogs that found a home today was housed here, I am suppose to take only ONE new dog.  However, I received a call from a friend who told me a story of an elderly couple who had a litter of puppies that they just could not continue to house.  This sweet couple's terrier/corgi mix had a litter of 6 puppies.  They are just too cute!  They live on a limited fixed income and they realized they could not afford the vaccines, flea medication, etc that comes with 6 puppies.  While the puppies are basically healthy, they were full of fleas and worms.  We have an appointment with the vet for tomorrow morning to give them their first shots.  I gave them a good flea bath and spent some time picking fleas off their tiny little faces.  These pups will only be around 10 pounds when grown.  I know they will find forever homes really fast.   I will get individual photos of the puppies and put them on Petfinder.

Tish and Buddy found forever homes in Lafayette.  I drove the two to Lafayette today to meet their new families.  I am so excited for both of them.  The families are just perfect for the dogs.  I can't wait to get pictures and updates on their progress.  When I place a dog with a great family, it makes all the work worth the effort. 

Kennel Update -  They poured the concrete today and the roofs for the decks are on in the 10 x 10's. The dogs are enjoying the shade and cooler place to lounge.  My contractor, Mr. Billy Hutchinson, has some great ideas.  We always have a drainage problem.  Billy added drains in front of the new kennels to drain the water as it comes down the slope of the land.  Tomorrow he will add a covering over the new 5 x 10 runs.    By mid week, we have a completed project.  I must admit I cannot wait.  I love every dog here, but having all 13 of them inside while the construction is going on is a bit too much. They are really good in crates, but they are dogs and do bark when the phone rings or someone comes to the door.  The sound is deafening!  It is the perfect opportunity to work on the "ENOUGH" command.  When they start barking, I get out the water spritzer and use a harsh "ENOUGH" to get them to quiet down.  It works like a charm on some dogs, but one or two of them just don't care and will continue to whine or bark!  But, I'll keep working on it!

A Wonderful Surprise -  I received an email from a family that sent a lovely donation toward our vet bills.  I had tried to place a dog for them.  The elderly lady's family wanted only the best for Jazz so they elected to let her stay in her surroundings until the last minute.  They made sure she had the best vet care and were willing to send Jazz to any group that would guarantee she could live out her life in a loving environment.  Some of you may remember Jazz and her story.  Her mama had to be placed in a nursing facility and Jazz had no one at home to care for her.  Fortunately, an absolutely fantastic neighbor stepped up to the plate and fed and walked Jazz daily for several months.  She was certainly Jazz's guardian angel.  We tried to help Jazz, but her guardian angel, Bobbi, found her a home at the last minute.  We were preparing to go get her when a family was found.  At any rate, the family of the elderly lady, wanted to thank us.  It warmed my heart to know that there are people out there that really care about the dogs left behind when an elderly person can no longer care for their pets.

So take this opportunity to speak to your elderly family members and see what plans they have for their pets.  We make plans to give the furniture and jewelry to our relatives when we pass, so why not make sure the canine companion is guaranteed a home.

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