Friday, January 30, 2015

What a week!!!!

I am getting way too old for many weeks like this!  We had 5 home visits, 6 vet visits, and one cruelty call.  Since I live way out in the sticks, it takes an hour to get anywhere.  Thank goodness the gas prices are reasonable these days.  I don't like being away from home to begin with and with all the runs this week adjustments had to be made to the work schedule.  Notice the headlamp!!!  Well, with the long days, the outside kennel runs and the farm animals sometimes had to be tended to after dark.  I bought a couple of these for my hurricane supplies a few years ago and have fallen in love with them.  Both of my hands can be free and since I don't see well at night it provides the necessary safety I need for maneuvering about in the dark.
Our little goat is still pregnant.  We decided to wait and let nature take over.  We are unsure of her due date because she was pasture bred when we weren't paying attention. 
Poor baby can barely walk. 
Fortunately all 8 of the poodles from the backyard breeder have found either rescues or foster homes.  We are so blessed to have a great working relationship with other rescues in our area.  A huge thank you goes to APAWS' Kelly Parrish for taking 4 of these poor dogs.  We also have two going to a breed specific rescue in Florida and two will remain in our adoption program and will be foster by one our great foster moms, Diania!  For all of those folks who offered to help just because we don't have a poodle left, doesn't mean we don't need you!  We have other dogs that need a foster home.
Just a reminder!!!  The Krewe of Tickfaw's Mardi Gras ball is on 2/7.  Get your tickets now!  We have some great silent auction items.  Tin Lizzy's is a great venue.  Please join us.

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