Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There are days when I just want to shake some sense into people.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I received a call about a puppy on a chain - in the rain - no shelter -
It was one of those neighborhoods that has a bad reputation for drugs, theft, etc.....  We had seized 5 dogs from a house in the same neighborhood just a month or so ago, so I knew that complaint was probably valid.  As always, I had the sheriff's department send a deputy to meet me at the location.  When I arrived it was raining.  This is what I saw.
This poor little puppy was all curled up in the leaves.  He was soaking wet and shivering.  He was chained to a tree.  There was no collar, just a chain around his neck with a double ended clasp. 
Once the deputy arrived, he agreed the puppy needed help.  He knocked on the residence and after a 5 minutes or so, a man came to the door.  He said the dog wasn't his and that he was just keeping it for someone who didn't have a place for it.  The man said his landlord would not allow pets inside the trailer so he had to chain it to a tree.  When told that he had to provide a dog house, the man said he wasn't the owner and he could not provide a house. The deputy instructed the man to call the "owner' and have him come get the dog or release it to the Humane Society.  A teeneager showed up, but after a bit of questioning, the deputy finally got them to admit the truth.  The puppy was the homeowner's.  The man released the dog to us in order to avoid going to court. 

This is when an alert neighbor saved the life of an animal. The neighbor had given the man several days to make accommodations for the dog before he reported the neglect.  Fortunately the owner was feeding the dog, but I have no doubt that this puppy would have met a disasterous fate if it was left in the care of this heartless man.

When the deputy had completed taking photos, I released the dog from the chain, dried him off and placed him in a dog bed I had in the car.  The poor little fellow immediately fell fast asleep.  He didn't move for two hours!  His vet check came back great!  He is about 8 to 10 weeks in age and is up for adoption!  He needs a name!  Any suggestions???


  1. I say name him "Lucky"!

  2. Hey. I was just about to type Lucky.

  3. We just had a "Lucky" already this year. My vet goes nuts if I use the same name too many times. It really messes up the recoreds!!! We had a suggestion of "Huck" as in Huckelberry Finn - Not Huckabee the politician!

  4. I think I would call him Blaze