Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a Week!

I must admit I normally handle stress very well, but this week is trying my patience.  First the death of Daphne and the potential for other young dogs to get sick and now a tropical storm that has threatened to flood the kennels.  If the water comes up another 2 feet I will have to move the dogs to wire crates on my porch or other parts of the yard. I really prefer to keep them in the large kennel runs so lets pray for the wind to come out of the north and blow the water out of Lake Maurpas.  Then things will begin to drain properly.  Right now the water is draining away from the kennels, but it is close!  We made a few trenches to relieve the situation.  The back side of the big dog kennel is near a large drainage ditch. It is overflowing and beginning to creep up into the yard! 

If we get too much rain tonight, I will be moving dogs in the dark and in the rain.  I can put two or three medium size dogs in the 10 x 10's and just move two large dogs into wire crates on my porch.  Still, I'd prefer to leave them where they are.  Everyone is dry, and nobody is barking and carrying on about being locked up in a crate! 

To add to this misery, my condo on the Tickfaw River is probably going to get a few inches of water in it.   We have been through this before with Hurricane Ike.  Fortunately, I planned ahead and the cleanup will not be so bad this time.  When I remodeled, I knew we would get water again at some time.  We have vinyl wainscoating with no fiberglass insulation in the first 12" from the floor.  The floor is vinyl and can just be washed off!  The furniture is up on blocks so hopefully we will not have too much of a mess.

Stress, stress, stress,  thank goodness I can take a few minutes and pray.  God always seems to relieve my worries.  He reminds me it is just stuff!  He reminds me that family and furry friends are far more important!

Stay dry everyone!

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